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Reviews From Some of Our Awesome Customers

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I was trying to implement virtual lessons through my own website. But it was becoming very expensive, complicated, and time consuming.

Teacher zone has allowed me teach virtually with ease. While also automating my scheduling and billing. This new level of organization has built trust with my students, which has led them to stick with me longer.

With the help of the virtual lesson concept of Teacher Zone I not only have expanded my student base it let me keep students long after they may leave the area. Example, I have a student that started when she was 7 years old she in going into her 3rd year of college and is still taking lessons virtually. None of this would have been possible without Teacher Zone.

Our teachers love that they have a clear view of what is going on. They can keep notes about their students, upload videos for them, etc. Plus our students (and parents!) love that everything is in one place.

Teacher Zone has also allowed us to "set it and forget it." We no longer have to worry about making sure that charges are going through properly or if students aren't getting charged at all.

It has also been amazing from the admin side of things. Being able to manage all of my teachers schedules from one central place is invaluable.

The bottom line is that Teacher Zone cares about its schools and the innovation is next to none. We are constantly getting upgrades to the product without our rate going up. They really know and care about what we need. It's so much better than some other generic software.

Teacher Zone has added value to our business. Registration is easier, and it has improved our student retention rate. It's just so good. It handles all of our learning management, scheduling, and billing. We create courses and use the library to upload "quick grab" content such as PDFs and audio files.

That means less wasted paper. No lost assignments. Less repeated assignments. And much more community.

There's nothing that serves students and parents better. We use to be with Mindbody, and self-managing before that. It was a nightmare. We researched other software and tested them, but nothing could match our branding, give us total customization, handle our unique situations, and also handle payments. Teacher Zone is above them all.

TeacherZone is a "one-stop-shop." Payments and scheduling were always a nightmare. Payroll was always a challenge. It does the job of five applications in one. TeacherZone helped streamline the process for student enrollment, allowing me to better track active students, monthly auto payments, teacher schedules, etc.

With a clear, streamlined on-boarding process at my fingertips I had the confidence to know where I was, which allowed me to clearly shoot for where I wanted to be.

Chris, Tyler and their knowledgeable staff are ready to walk you through every step of getting started. They are always seeking ways to improve Teacher Zone, with customizable options.

Their primary goal is to make studio ownership streamlined and efficient and that is precisely what it has done for my business. If you are looking for a program to help manage your studio from learning to billing to communication, look no further!