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Teacher Zone is an all-in-one lesson and class management platform to engage your students, automate your admin, and take control of your business

Trying to keep up is exhausting

You dreamt of making a living teaching others what you love to do. But somewhere along the way your dream turned into an administrative nightmare.

Livin’ the dream doesn’t feel that dreamy right now….

You deserve better (and your students do too)

Teacher Zone is the best all-in-one platform to help you
become the go-to place for learning what you teach.

Teacher Zone is the best all-in-one platform to help you become the go-to place for learning what you teach.

Build stronger connections and increase learning the other 6 days a week when they aren’t in a lesson.

Track lessons and attendance to make sure your students are getting the results they expect to see.

Create dependable income every single month with “set it and forget it” automated billing.

Easily manage makeups and rescheduling so you can invest in growing your actual business.

There's nothing that serves our students better. We used to be with Mindbody, and self managing before that. It was a nightmare. We researched other softwares and tested them, but nothing could match our branding, give us total customization, handle our unique situations, and also handle payments. Teacher Zone handles it all.

"Will Teacher Zone work for me?"

If you teach people then Teacher Zone will work for you. 
Our platform is designed for…

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Here's How It Works

v1 - 1

1. Automate & Simplify

We’ll help you take all your current systems and get them plugged in so you can set it and forget it. Scheduling and collecting payments also becomes a breeze because it all happens in the system.

v1 - 2

2. Connect & Engage

Teacher Zone will become the digital hub for all your people. Students can connect with their instructors and with each other. And before you know it…your business starts to flourish.

v1- 3

3. Live Your Dream

Instead of scrambling to keep up, you’ll be able to focus on your students, which will build a track record that’s hard to ignore. Making you the go-to place to learn.

The learning management system and chat features built in are the main reasons I made the switch. Teacher Zone has provided a platform for me to offer more organized and structured practice assignments to my students. The chat feature has been amazing as a way to encourage students to interact with each other and build community outside of class.

Are you managing chaos or building a culture?

This eBook covers the 5 stages every lessons-based business grows through in order to become the go-to place to learn. 

  • Discover what stage you are in now.
  • Take the steps you need to take to build the business of your dreams.


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You want features?

We’ve got features

Learning Management Made Simple

Create online lessons, assign practice, and more! You can finally keep track of what your students are learning.

"Since I’ve started using TeacherZone my students are much more engaged in the learning process."

Headache-Free Lesson Scheduling

The headache of makeups and keeping track of your students is solved with our all-in-one scheduling platform.

"TeacherZone provides an amazing level of support between lessons I would have never been able to get anywhere else."

(Almost Free) Billing & Payment Processing

No one likes chasing payments or dealing with high processing fees. Teacher Zone’s customizable billing platform lets you set it and forget it. And you keep more from every transaction.

Most of our customers save $1000/year or more just on processing fees. But if you already have a sweet deal, we’ll match or beat your payment processing rates.

“All of my Auto Billing and Payroll is done in a blink of an eye! Sure beats doing everything manually.”

Simplified Reminders & Communication

There are so many things to remember these days. Teacher Zone makes communication a breeze. Use sms, email, and even social media style chat to connect with students.
AND…. automatic reminders.

“Teacherzone’s Communication Management with virtual, video, instant messaging and auto reminders are like a miracle for teachers and schools.”

One Tool to Rule them All

Lessons. Payments. Scheduling. Communication & Reminders.
All with just one login to remember. 

Teacher Zone’s complete online learning platform keeps you in control of your business and clients from any device and any location.

Your Integrated* Responsive Dashboard

Run your business from a single user-friendly dashboard. Your personalized company dashboard gives you control over class schedules, signups, payments and more. Complete with your existing custom branding.

Plus a Seamless, Easy-to-Use App

Our easy to use student app keeps your students engaged and in the know. Text and email reminders to practice. Class group messaging, supplemental learning, provide a social media style platform your students are used to. 

*Fully integrated with Zapier, Tri Tech, QB online, Zoom, Google Meet, Hangouts, Goto Meeting, etc

"How hard can it be?"

When we started our business 2010, we thought “you just charge people money for lessons…how hard can it be?” 

We wanted our students to love what they were learning and have a blast while doing it. But we were spending so much time scrambling to keep up with gifted instructors, trying manage our billing, and navigating everyone’s schedules that things got tough, quick. 

We knew there should be a better way build a lessons-based business. So we created it.

Since 2005, we’ve been working to help others grow their business.

We developed Teacher Zone to help people like you find a better way to grow and manage their business. A better way to keep students engaged and loving their experience while making sure the administrative details don’t fall through the cracks.

We’ve already helped thousands of Teachers and Students take their learning to the next level, and we’d love to do the same for your lesson business.

Schedule your free demo today and see how Teacher Zone can help you build your business.