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All the Features You Need to Keep Your Students Engaged

The other 6 days of the week

"There are other decent lesson management platforms out there. I've used a few. But the way Teacher Zone equips my instructors to keep the students engaged the other 6 days of the week is truly unique. Honestly, that's what really hooked me."

-Preston Palmer, Palmer Music Co

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Super Simple Lesson Scheduling

Teacher Zone’s easy-to-use drag and drop scheduler helps you keep track of all of your student schedules. You can run reports, check availability, take attendance, keep track of lessons owed and more.

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Easy Billing and Payment Processing

Accepting payment and keeping track of tuitions has never been easier! Teacher Zone allows you to set up as many “tuition plans” as you’d like. You can even have a login and sign-up widget on your website. The best part is that it automatically ties into the scheduling and reporting system.

Most of our customers save $1000/year or more just on processing fees. But if you already have a sweet deal, we’ll match or beat your payment processing rates.

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Your Multi-Media
Learning Management System

The very first Multi-Media LMS built for schools and teachers like you. Curate your content and help your students learn faster than ever. Help your students practice more with our daily reminders and multi-media assignments. Grow your business by offering Video & Virtual Lessons.

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Automated Student Communication

Teacher Zone’s internal communication system makes sure that your students are in the know. Historical record keeping for all communications. Also your students (and parents) get text and email reminders to practice daily, scheduling reminders and more.

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"A huge help..."

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