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Student Management and E-Learning are made easy with this Teacher App designed for TeacherZone members

With just a few swipes, you can easily view student details, add assignments, send messages and make notes.

Welcome to your new favorite app to manage the day-to-day details of teaching students.

Do It ALL From Your Phone or Tablet

Easy Attendance: From the Dashboard you can swipe right or left to take quick attendance or more detailed report of your scheduled lessons and classes.

Student/Parent Contact: View details on Students and Parents and make notes that can be viewed by Administrators in your School.

Student Chat: Easily and safely communicate with your Students, Groups, Parents and others at your School.

Assignments: You can assign files, from our Youtube API or whole courses in the App.

Course Creation: Create evergreen multi-media courses to reassign students over and over in the apps.

Shared files: View student shared files easily from their profile.

Gamification: Gamification is made easy with auto generated and easily assigned student badges and points.

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Add rocket fuel to your student engagement with TeacherZone's Points and Badges system

Yes…Gamification is included with points and badges you can customize.

In TeacherZone you can keep track of student progress by creating a game utilizing a system of custom points and badges.

You can use our pre-sets, or get creative to customize your own. Either way, it will give you and your students another way to track and celebrate the hard work they’ve put in to learn. 

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"Chris & Tyler's primary goal is to make business ownership streamlined and efficient and that is precisely what TEACHERZONE has done for my business. If you are looking for a program to help manage your business from learning to billing to communication, look no further!"
Jessi J.
"The bottom line is that TeacherZone cares about its schools and the innovation is next to none. We are constantly getting upgrades to the product without our rate going up. They really know and care about what we need. It's so much better than some other generic software."
Strum University
"We use to be with Mindbody, and self-managing before that. It was a nightmare. We researched other software and tested them, but nothing could match our branding, give us total customization, handle our unique situations, and also handle payments. Teacher Zone is above them all."