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The Weekly Podcast Designed to Help Studios, Schools, and Academies Up Their Game

The Weekly Podcast Designed to Help

Lessons-Based Businesses
Up Their Game


There shouldn't be an insider's club when it comes to teaching lessons.

We bring the best from every lessons’ industry, so we can all grow together. 

You’re already in the business of transforming lives.
The TeacherZone podcast is designed to help you do that even better. 


Standing on the shoulders of giants

Chris & Tyler have created an amazing tribe of forward-thinking teachers, instructors and entrepreneurs with this podcast and their software. You need this in your life, people!
- Tim Woosley

Valuable info in EVERY episode

Tyler and Chris are great! So much of what they say resonates with me as a business person, mentor, and music school owner. I get inspiration from each episode and always come away with ideas I can implement. Thanks, guys!
- J_Kozicki


These guys are the real deal. Not only did they offer incredible insight but they do it with such clarity and passion it’s hard not to get excited when listening.
- Are Sellery

Tools to help you go from
Managing Chaos to Building a Culture

Tools to help you go from Managing Chaos to Building a Culture


TeacherZone Podcast

Get actionable ideas every Tuesday to help you improve your business. Each week we’ll cover the issues important to you as a lessons-business owner. 

Business-Building Guide

Download our eBook “From Chaos to Culture” to define the gap between where you are now and where you want to be. Then take the right steps to keep growing!

We're lessons-business owners, just like you.

We know what it’s like scrambling to keep up with gifted instructors, trying to manage your billing, while also navigating everyone’s schedules. Our goal is to help you get better, and build a business that you love.


Chris Bates

Co-host of The TeacherZone Podcast


Tyler Marolf

Co-host of The TeacherZone Podcast


Take the mystery out of building your business

Are you too busy managing the chaos to make critical changes to your business? We’re here to help you set aside time every week to improve your business.


Are you managing chaos or building a culture?

This guide covers the 5 stages every lessons-based business grows through in order to become the go-to place to learn.

You’ll see where you are now, and where you need to go next, in order to build a business that you love. 


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