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Episode #7 – Inspiring Young Students

Inspiring Young Students with the DSME founder of KidzRock and Jr. Rockerz Dave Simon


In this episode Chris is on location in St. Louis, Missouri where he and Dave discuss the challenges and benefits of working with kids at a very early age.This episode was recorded outside in the gardens at the St. Louis Art Museum. Dave Simon is a longtime Music School Owner and the entrepreneur behind sought after contemporary young student program curriculum KidzRock and Jr. Rockerz. Listen to learn some of the key insights Dave has gained in his years creating curriculum for Schools throughout North America.  Dave is an expert in working with small children to help grow their passion for playing and writing music.  For more information on Dave and his programs please visit: http://www.davesimonsmusic.com/

Listen to “Inspiring Young Students – KidzRock and Dave Simon” on Spreaker.

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