Episode #6 - Producer Warren Huart - Teacher Zone

Episode #6 – Producer Warren Huart

Less is More While Thinking Big with Producer Warren Huart


In this episode we sit down with Multi-Platinum Producer, Mixer and Engineer Warren Huart who has worked with some of the most iconic bands and musicians on earth (Aerosmith, The Fray, Ace Frehely, James Blunt, Eve 6, Daniel Powter and many more).  He is also hosts one of the top YouTube channels: Produce Like a Pro with over 100,000 subscribers that tune in to listen to his insight into the wonderful world of sound recording.  In this episode Warren gives it to us straight about producing, coaching, teaching, motivating and so much more in this episode. Join us for one of the most colorful conversations yet on The TeacherZone with Chris and Tyler.

Listen to “Less Is More While Thinking Big – Special Guest Warren Huart” on Spreaker.

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