Episode #56 - 5 Things to Reignite Your Business in a Post-Covid World - Teacher Zone

Episode #56 – 5 Things to Reignite Your Business in a Post-Covid World

The last two years have been a whirlwind for all of us.

If your business is still alive, then you’ve survived, but you could probably use a little recovery…maybe even a little reignition of your fire to keep going.

So here are 5 things to reignite your business in a post-covid world.

  1. Reorganize
  2. Realign
  3. Reconsider
  4. Respond
  5. Reconnect

So grab a pen, and get ready to light a new fire under your business!

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0:00:06.9 Tyler Marolf: Welcome to the next episode of the TeacherZone with Chris and Tyler. I’m Tyler Marolf, co-owner of TeacherZone.com with our partner and co-host here, Chris Bates. How are you today, sir? 

0:00:18.7 Chris Bates: I’m awesome. Today, we have a really cool topic, Tyler, you and I, we’re pumped up about this one you guys.

0:00:28.2 TM: Chris was in the Jacuzzi earlier, and it was hot, he had it at like 104.8, just hot. And he’s like, I have a great topic for what we’ve all been going through in the past couple of years, and it’s Reignite Your Lesson in Class Business. That’s the topic. And Chris, just elaborate on that and where that all came from.

0:00:52.9 CB: So, Tyler and I have been talking about doing this concept of a recovery episode because we’ve all sort of been through a rough couple of years. And so it was like, Okay, but I don’t like the word recovery, and then I looked it up, and Tyler, the definition was basically like to get back to status quo, or something like that, that was the jist.

0:01:14.5 TM: Right. Recover your health. Recovery is a great word. A lot of people are in recovery, cancer, addiction or whatever. Great word. Restoration, restoring themselves to health or whatever, so it’s an awesome word, but we know that a lot of you already have a great experience in a great business, it just got hit, you know where… And we just need to reignite and burn even brighter, right, Chris? 

0:01:44.7 CB: Yeah. That’s the thing for me is that I look at it like this moment in time is kind of like, you know how in New Year’s, as the year turns, it’s like all of us, we reignite for the year, we get all pumped up. I kind of feel like this moment is a great reignite for all of us in our business. So, all the things you’ve been putting off, what a great time to do it, because why not? The one thing that Tyler I wanna remind you of is that you’re already amazing. And remembering that you’re good enough, you’re amazing enough, if you’re listening to this and you made it through the last several years, all of us are so much stronger than we thought, and so bravo for that, our hats off to you.

0:02:30.4 CB: And so we’re gonna talk about the five things to reignite the fire in our business.

So, reignite, it connotes fire, so let’s all get that fire in our belly, and let’s get really excited to get things going. So, the five things are… And then we’ll go through them one by one: Reorganize, realign… What’s number three Tyler? Reconsider, respond, reconnect, that’s the five. Reorganize, realign, reconsider, respond and reconnect. So, you guys ready to Reignite Your Business? Let’s do it.

0:03:14.8 CB: So Tyler, let’s talk about the first one, reorganize…

And when we thought about what a lot of us need to do is reorganize our operations, our rules and procedures. So, basically, what are the rules that you operate on day-to-day with your staff? What are the procedures that the staff and everybody goes through? What are the rules for your student-parent family contracts? What is all that? So, let’s talk about that for a minute.

0:03:45.9 TM: First of all, Chris, during the last couple of years, the whole planet was retrained overnight to not leave their homes and learn online or somehow supplement, right. So during that supplementation, it caused people’s… From the worst-case scenario, businesses we know personally, that we helped through TeacherZone.com, they lost their businesses. That’s the worst end of the spectrum, all the way to the best part of the spectrum was people capitalized on it ’cause they had tech in place. But either way, it caused less people to be in the buildings for a while, and some people took that time to take a look at their systems. It felt like you had a chance to erase the whiteboard and draw a new diagram, if you wanted.

0:04:35.7 TM: And by the way, business 101, your agreements with your teachers, inflation, the economy, time going by every five years, we all need to relook at those things anyways, that’s a good practice, and sometimes we’re so busy we don’t. So in this case, the reorganize your rules, procedures, employee agreements. Gosh, even some fun stuff, we had a staff meeting once, Chris, where we’re like, What’s something we’ve never done before that we could start doing when everything’s normal again, or whatever. And the ideas were flowing because everybody… There was nothing to do for a while, we were being really, really good at pivoting and offering things, but we were all stuck and then we lit a flame and new ideas are happening. There’s open mic nights once a month now, that one of our newest instructors just took under her own wing and make sure it happens. She made a Google Form, it’s marketed… Chris, I can go on and on, and I won’t beat this one with the dead horse, but those people on staff, when they had a chance to reorganize what we could do, they were all in.

0:05:48.4 CB: Right. And so with this, for some of you, if you don’t have policies and procedures in place, well, the first step is just to put some in place. For Tyler and I’s very first agreements, we actually went online and Googled it from a legal site. We bought like a $50 document for HR documents. We also share them with all of you that our current teachers on customers, just hit us up and we’ll actually share those with you ’cause we share what we currently have, always a work in progress. We also, as Tyler’s talking about… We changed some of our rules. So for instance, and I know a lot of you did that as well, we used to not allow any type of make-up or change in the lesson, now we allow not a make-up, but it to go virtual if they’re not feeling well right away. So it’s like, Oh, they’re not feeling well. Do they wanna just switch to virtual for today’s lesson? So, that’s a difference in our rules that we need to update our procedures.

0:06:44.6 CB: So, reigniting all these five elements basically means, What are the ways that we can come out of this with extra fire? Because it takes trauma to change, let’s face it. Humans, we love patterns, we love feeling safe. And after what we’ve all been through, forget that, let’s go to the moon, let’s reignite ourselves in our business. So, number one reorganize, get your new rules and procedures in place. If you have some rules that you’ve been wanting to put your foot down on, and we know you do, ’cause a lot of you are too nice. Put your foot down and go ahead and reorganize those rules and procedures, so yeah. Alright, what’s number two, Tyler? 

0:07:23.4 TM: Well, number two is realign.

And I know I went on a rabbit trail recently, right before that first item, but it was basically just telling you that now is the chance. Now, you can do all of these if you wanna, just do one at a time, and the next one’s realign your team and delegate. So I kinda touch on that a little bit. Your team, believe it or not, because we’re only as strong as our people and our businesses, they’re hungry to help, they want to help, but do we let go and let them try? Do we let them even think up an idea? 

0:08:02.5 CB: No! No. A lot of you are such bullies. And I’m gonna call you out because you are bullying your staff, you’re bullying yourself. I was on with a customer, a new customer the other day, and this is a really awesome school, but this owner has basically been so mean to themselves that they’re trying to do everything. And I asked very simply, I said, Let me ask you a question. Are there any teachers of yours that want extra hours? And they’re like, Well, yeah, sure, and they name someone right away. And I say would that person be good with administrative work? And they’re like, Absolutely.

0:08:41.9 CB: I’m like then why aren’t you hiring them two hours a day? And They’re like, Oh, that’s brilliant. And I’m like, Why are you putting it all on your own shoulders, this is a team effort. Remember your job isn’t to do all the work, your job is to create the vision that allows the team to come together so we all can get the work done together. So delegation is huge. And so if you haven’t done it well…

0:09:06.4 TM: Chris, I’ll just go ahead and pull our covers a little bit. We’re realigning at Los Rios Rock School by adding Chariya Bissonette to be vice principal, along with our principal, Phil Allen, and her job is basically counselor. So, she’ll have this window of time every week for 90 minutes that… She uses the same window to teach master classes for performance or whatever. But we decided, why should we stop that? Is there some value that could be there while Phil is overseeing the health of the school, she can be working with individual students, and so we are…

0:09:41.8 CB: Or teachers.

0:09:45.4 TM: And teachers too, so we’re realigning the staff as a family with each other. We even gave the corporate card to take everybody out for appetizers and drinks, which we’ve never really thought of doing before, and without us, no founders, we don’t need to be there at everything. Let them be themselves, they’re amazing.

0:10:04.8 CB: Exactly, and the reason that the vice president type… Or vice principal, rather, role came out of it, is because I walked in on a class and I was like, Tyler, Oh my gosh, Chariya is like amazing in how she structures her teachings. And I said, You know I’ll bet a lot of our younger instructors would really flourish, and then Tyler took that thing to the moon, Oh my gosh, what if we got a vice president, what if we… I was like, that’s a great idea. So it…

0:10:35.7 TM: Right when you told me that I called Chariya, I said, Hey, can I call you? I’ve got an idea. And we loved that. It doesn’t happen that often where she and I do that, and then it just… And then she’s the same way, she’s like, You and I, and then I was… Then I texted Chris, Hey, by the way, Chariya is this. And this is done. And this is that.

0:10:57.0 CB: Chariya gonna be out vice principal. [laughter] So anyways, you guys really think about it from the standpoint that you have the freedom in your business, and whether you’re an owner or director, if you’re listening to this and you’re in a leadership role, please delegate. It’s so important. And so I’m gonna say one thing about delegate, ’cause we have talked about it before, you are not… Never, ever, ever tell people what to do, always just tell them what outcome you’re looking for, and then delegate them to just come up with whatever they need to do to create that outcome. That’s true leadership.

0:11:40.2 TM: Yep, yep.

0:11:41.5 CB: So alright, number three…reconsider your pricing

0:11:43.1 TM: And if you don’t have people that can answer those questions, then you can reconsider certain some things. Anyways, number three. Oh, reconsider. [chuckle] I did not do that on purpose. Reconsider, and we actually put down pricing, simplifying your pricing or simplifying your program. Maybe the last 12 years has been… You have 13 Ways you price things and you thought it was a great idea at the time, ’cause you just kept stacking things on and all of a sudden you have this menu, like on a food truck, and maybe you only need four, right, Chris? 

0:12:24.1 CB: Yeah, or maybe you only need one or two. Here’s the thing I want you all to consider with regard to your pricing and the way that you present your offering. Is it simple? When you tell someone, can they go away and tell someone else right away? Right. And then number two, are you charging enough? Tyler and I have met with a lot of great business leaders over the years, and the one thing that the biggest folks in the world have always said every time we meet with them is always up your pricing, so small guys, SMBs, like all of us, we’re too cheap, and we’re too complicated. So they always say up your pricing and simplify, and that’s what the big boys do. And guys, why do you think it works? If it works for these giant corporations, why wouldn’t it… Simplification and getting more value so you actually have more profit to create a better program. Why would that not be better? 

0:13:23.3 CB: So if you’ve been considering it, we want you to reconsider what is the simplest program you can offer and the most you could possibly charge to be able to make it a wonderful profitable thing, so that way you can actually have extra money.

0:13:40.1 TM: We’re trying to reignite. We’re trying to ignite, we’re trying to catch on fire, not drain the well or have it be on empty all the time. That’s not healthy, for anything.

0:13:52.8 CB: Right. So yeah, so simplify your rules and get them to where they’re in alignment with current tech and today. Realign your team, delegate stuff, get your teachers some extra hours, have them help out. Who of all your staff are… Their super power might be helping out in certain ways. Reconsider is number three. Reconsider your pricing, reconsider what you offer. Can you dumb it down? We’ve reconsidered what we offer, and we’ve actually now come up with basically a reorganization, if you will, and to keep going with ‘re’… A reorganization of how we do our group classes and stuff, so now we have a more consistent Monday schedule more consistent recording classes, and all stuff like that. So, we’re working on that too with our team. So number four, Tyler, what’s that? 

0:14:36.8 TM: Number four is respond.

How are we gonna respond… Not necessarily react, by the way. If you notice, react isn’t in our list. We like to pro-act. [chuckle] Respond, we were kind of thinking market changes regarding technology is one of the big ones, since everything is happening so fast. And in the last couple of years, it really, really quickened overnight. Go ahead, Chris.

0:15:09.5 CB: Everyone was trained, that’s the thing. With technology, I’ll tell you guys, six, seven years ago when we first started reaching out to lesson businesses around the world, and we talked about some of the neat tech tools that we were working on, a lot of you… The comment was consistently… We talked to tens of thousands of folks. And consistently it was, Yeah, I know I need to utilize technology better, but I’m just not that tech-savvy or my teachers aren’t that tech-savvy, or… There’s all these excuses.

0:15:42.3 TM: Or our families aren’t gonna like that.

0:15:45.1 CB: Yeah.

0:15:46.3 TM: How do you know? And now, but the funny part is, whatever, to each their own, we kept trucking, right, Chris? We found of amazing people, unbelievable companies are inside TeacherZone now. But now here’s the caveat, the last two years, even they the pragmatic naysayers of this couldn’t work, they can’t say that anymore. It’s over.

0:16:10.3 CB: Everybody’s trained.

0:16:12.1 TM: Everything is a membership economy, there’s no reason to take cash or checks. There’s nothing, it’s done. Put a freaking dagger in it.

0:16:20.6 CB: There isn’t one of your customers that doesn’t have a subscription to something. There isn’t one of your customers that didn’t experience some sort of… Let’s face it, even grandparents and great-grandparents, there isn’t anybody that didn’t have to try to do the video call. Everybody’s tried it at this point. It’s no longer an outlier.

0:16:39.3 TM: Chris, [0:16:41.2] ____ we found the game Clue as an app, there’s an app of the game Clue, and we were playing it because everybody for a couple of weeks, even me, and then I woke up pretty quick, but everyone was fucking scared… Excuse my French, so sorry. You can edit that out, Chris. Everyone was… That first month or two, everyone was actually scared, just scared. So, we were playing Clue…

0:17:07.6 CB: I’m not gonna edit that out, just all of you children listening… No, I’m teasing, I don’t think we have any children listeners. [chuckle]

0:17:10.9 TM: I’m really nice… So we had neighbors across the street from my sister, we all found… And we were playing Clue on an app in real time, it was awesome.

0:17:18.6 CB: That’s great, that’s great. So like trying to solve murders and stuff? 

0:17:21.9 TM: Yes, it was literally the game of Clue with Mr. Green or Professor Plum and the whole thing. It was really fun.

0:17:29.4 CB: I love Clue. That’s so cool. Well, and one of the things that we’ve done in my house that a lot of you have probably too, is this stupid Wordle and Hurdle. Wordle is the word one, and then Hurdle is for songs. And we have a family text every morning, and so we’re all texting what we got and whether we got it, so just FYI…

0:17:49.6 TM: Yeah, we’re not doing the Wordle thing, ’cause when it all like changed, we just started going back outside Chris. [chuckle]

0:17:54.8 CB: Yeah. It’s a fun thing, I probably wouldn’t have done before the pandemic, right? 

0:18:00.5 TM: Hey everybody, Chris walks his dogs. I have five dogs, he has two. Chris is so much nicer to his animals than I am, he walks them miles every day.

0:18:12.5 CB: Your dogs get to run. Tyler lives in the Midwest and has a wonderful property that his dogs can enjoy, so they’re free.

0:18:20.8 TM: Yeah, when they come home it’s nice to see them, whenever that is.

0:18:22.8 CB: Yeah, every now and then. [laughter] Yeah, so bottom line guys, there’s no more excuses. I actually have someone that I just adore, one of our customers, and he was kinda giving grief about not being tech-savvy recently, and I’m like, Give me a break, this person is like a genius. I’m like, You’re a freaking genius. Stop saying that. Stop saying disempowering things like, I’m not tech-savvy. News flash guys. Nobody is tech-savvy. The whole idea of tech is that it allows us to push a button like a cave person and have things happen.

0:18:53.9 TM: A monkey.

0:18:54.3 CB: Or a monkey.

0:19:00.2 TM: Or like a rat, or whatever. Don’t do that. It’s a belief system that doesn’t fit, and what it really translates to… You know how, Chris, sometimes we act out… We have a feeling, but we act out in a different feeling. Like, Hey, I’m scared, but I’m gonna be a jerk to you, or whatever… What’s really going on? If you’re feeling some reluctance on tech, you’re too busy, and that little tiny learning curve you have to change up is freaking you out. And that is the worst excuse I’ve ever heard in life, ’cause I’ve also done it. And then when I did the thing, I laughed at myself and looked at my wife and said, I can’t believe I was worried about that.

0:19:31.8 CB: A hundred percent. And what I found, it’s like they say, if you want… My friend’s dad, who is just a very astute business coach, he used to go to IBM and get paid to coach these big companies. He said to me years ago, if you want something done, give it to the busiest person. And I’d heard lots of people say that since, but he was the first person I heard it from. And at first I was like, What does he even mean? And then I start to realise, Oh my gosh, it’s true, all of our customers that are crushing, doing multimillion dollars in lesson businesses, are the ones that never say that. They’re the ones that have the time, they’re the ones that delegate, they’re the ones that create better systems. If you’re saying things like, I don’t have time and I’m not tech-savvy, chances are, you’re just not organized.

0:20:32.5 TM: Right. You’re in chaos. And just like if you’ve seen our… If you go to TeacherZone.com there’s a free ebook on there. That Chaos to Culture, it’s an outline of exactly how to get out of that and enjoy the thing you wanted to give away to people, that was one of your favorite things in the world. You can enjoy it again.

0:20:54.6 CB: That’s right. And the last thing I’ll say about technology is if you are in the teaching business, if you do classes or you do lessons, any sort of lesson-based business, technology is our friend, so let’s figure out all the neat ways that we can utilize it and stop making it a bad thing. Tyler and I are one of the biggest proponents of hybrid approach ’cause we believe human connection is everything. So we’re all about that.

0:21:19.7 TM: That’s why we call our company TeacherZone. We know that that teacher is that human being spirit that is connected to whoever is wanting to learn and it’s connected across the globe. And that’s our mission, we know that if we help that, then Chris and I could look at each other 20 years from now and go, We made a difference. We helped…

0:21:42.0 CB: In humans. Technology is there to help us, guys, it serves us. And so that’s the big, big turn around on that respond to market changes regarding technology, is that… Think about a doctor that doesn’t keep up on the latest and greatest. If you’re not keeping up or partnering with someone like TeacherZone where our staff and all of us, basically…

0:22:01.8 TM: Then you have leeches all over your arms, that’s what you have, leeches, on your arms. [chuckle]

0:22:10.0 CB: So, the bottom line is all of us need to realize that the world has changed. Everyone’s trained, let’s get moving. So number five, and last but not least, this is one that I just wanted to remind all of us, including ourselves, that there’s probably a lot of folks that are ready to come out of hiding. So number five, Tyler, is…

0:22:30.0 TM: So number five is reconnect.

And that means who would we reconnect with? Past customers, or past prospects that said, Oh man, it sounds good, we might be ready soon, but… Anybody that reached out to you, ever connected with you, ever… There’s multiple ways you can do that, Chris. Okay, sure enough, let’s say you’re a kids program for whatever, jujitsu or music, those kids have gone on to college. We shouldn’t bother them, we shouldn’t bother that family that we made this huge impact on their college kids at one point in their life. No, tell them we’re looking for referrals and we have spots available, and if you want someone that enjoyed our school as much as your kids to come experience that, let them have this email. There’s a million ways to reconnect, that’s just one that popped out of my head.

0:23:24.8 CB: We used to do one years ago, in a business I had, where we would call them hugs. And we would call every single customer and we would just say, Hey, we just wanted to call and give you a verbal hug, and people go, Really? We say, Yeah, and they’re like, That’s awesome. And that was it. And we got so many referrals just by making that connection.

0:23:48.0 TM: I think I’m gonna have Alexa call and give hugs to everybody this week.

0:23:51.4 CB: Well, and that was the other thing I was gonna say. For a lot of you, when you’re having to make the calls yourself and you’re like, I don’t have time for this. Tyler, do you and I spend all day calling everybody? 

0:24:02.5 TM: I don’t call anybody.

0:24:04.3 CB: What do we do? 

0:24:06.2 TM: I call you to complain, sometimes, but you’re my partner, that’s what I’m supposed to do.

0:24:10.6 CB: Do we delegate that? 

0:24:13.3 TM: Yes, 100%.

0:24:14.8 CB: And do we delegate that to a super high-paid person? 

0:24:17.1 TM: No, no, not at all. Well, it depends. [chuckle] [0:24:24.4] ____ Alexa lives and she’s an 18-year-old. She loves 20 bucks an hour, 10 hours a week. It’s perfect for her, and she gets $100 bonus every other two-week pay period if she’s kicking butt, so that’s huge. It doesn’t take that much. And she is wanting to make sure every week that she lets me know that she’s covered her bases. I didn’t even know how to train people or give that expectation to people 10 years ago, you know what I mean? I had to learn how to lead like that, and then all of a sudden whatever I’ve done that’s different, which is kind of what you said, Chris, ask them, Hey, I’m looking for this outcome. How do you think we can get there after I teach you how the tools work? 

0:25:16.3 CB: Right. And what other tools do you need to get them.

0:25:20.5 TM: Well, guess what? [0:25:20.6] ____ Chris, she came up with an idea I would have never thought of ’cause I’m… Wait for it, too busy with other stuff that I have to do as a founder. So, she came up with an unbelievable idea on her own that got us more tours for the school, just because I wanted to express the outcome we need, and I told her, Get creative, I trust you.

0:25:42.4 CB: Right? You guys gotta relinquish that, and here’s the thing is that if you don’t have time, which most of us clearly are doing too many things, then it’s not gonna get done, and so just remember, there’s a saying that Dan, our coach says, and I love this saying, He says having someone else do your work 70% good as you, is 100% freaking awesome. [laughter]

0:26:15.5 TM: That is wonderful. You know, you can say that after five times giving Dan March all the credit, you can actually take the credit, that’s the rule.

0:26:25.6 CB: Did he say that? 

0:26:27.4 TM: Because really, to be honest, Zig Ziglar said all the things, I think, already.

0:26:34.7 CB: And by the way, our coach has a coach, you guys, so just know that everybody, all of us need to constantly learn from one another, so we’re grateful to you all, hopefully this reignites you guys in maybe just even a couple of the areas. But bottom line is, take one of these five things. Reorganize your rules and procedures. Realign your team or delegate. Reconsider your pricing and simplify. Respond to market changes, because technology is here to say. Or reconnect with your past or even current customers. Just reconnect. It’s all about connection. And Tyler, you said…

0:27:13.1 TM: Reconnect with your staff, that’s a big one we’re doing right now. Reconnect with your staff, their goals, visions, dreams, lifestyles. They are unbelievable people, and we don’t look at them that way all the time because they’re just moving parts in the business. You trust them, but you forget to look at them, and just reconnect with them as well.

0:27:33.9 CB: I just got an idea that you and I are gonna implement after this on the reconnect part. So guys, Tyler and I just had a meeting with our ops team on Monday. Every Monday morning we do our ops team for our school, and Spencer, that handles all our communications, we talked about doing a lot of things, like really making our teacher stand out and all this. But one of the things was alumni, and we said, How can we also showcase alumni? . Spencer said something very simple. He goes, Teachers and alumni are the same thing, we’re all just family. And I go, I love that. So he’s gonna create a whole family thing, he said for us, where it’s just like a family showcase on social and all that. Here’s the other thing, by the way, we do…

0:28:16.0 TM: Mary LeBlanc just played the Hollywood Bowl.

0:28:19.5 CB: Oh, did she really? 

0:28:21.1 TM: Yes! 

0:28:22.0 CB: Our very first student ever, you guys.

0:28:23.4 TM: And she’s got a full ride to Thorton USC as a wind ensemble, so she’s a percussionist in wind ensemble, classically trained. However, she’s also a drum kit drummer, rock and roll drummer, and someone got let go, or something, last minute, and she played in an orchestra on drum kit Led Zeppelin at the Hollywood Bowl.

0:28:46.8 CB: What an experience. She’s so awesome.

0:28:47.7 TM: Yeah, so that’s just one of those things.

0:28:50.3 CB: Well, so the point of it is, guys, is the alumnis… I’m thinking that just when Spencer reaches out to the alumni to say, What have you been up to, that’s gonna spur all sorts of neat stuff. Not only hearing about what they’re up to, but also, he could come back and be like, By the way, do you have any friends or siblings or anyone in your old neighborhood that you think would be right for our program? Oh my gosh, my neighbor is only 11, she’s love it, whatever.

0:29:19.5 TM: Right, right. By the way, Rocco Beale is the music arranger and music director for this Alexandra gal from Nashville, who Tim McGraw just took on tour because of a TikTok he saw where she was singing his song while pouring coffee, which was I think a TikTok trend. And then he called her and now, Rocco and his band, who was one of our students and Alexandra are opening for Tim McGraw.

0:29:48.4 CB: So how many of your students do you really not know what’s going on, and that could be a huge connection to not only just promote your family and your brand and your impact, but also maybe get more referrals, so hopefully this is helpful you guys.

0:30:01.6 TM: Reconnect! 

0:30:02.8 CB: Yeah, now I’m reignited.

0:30:04.8 TM: Well, Chris, thanks a lot. I love the inspirational topic today, I’m on fire. Everybody else, please light yourselves on fire. [chuckle] Not literally.

0:30:14.9 CB: In a good way.

0:30:16.6 TM: Chris does in his Jacuzzi.

0:30:17.3 CB: Emotionally.

0:30:18.5 TM: But anyway, we just wanna give a shout out to all of our teams at TeacherZone and Los Rios Rock School since we talk about you guys all the time, and all of our amazing customers. And let you know that this podcast is brought to you by TeacherZone.com. There’s free ebooks and literature on there, anything you wanna know, or if you think a friend should know that might help them, send them the website, everything’s there. So Chris, good to see you again, sir, and we’ll see all of you listeners on the flipside, take care.

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