Episode #55 - Stir it up in your lesson and class business! - Teacher Zone

Episode #55 – Stir it up in your lesson and class business!

When you run a small business, systems are the only way to grow and thrive.

If you feel like you’re winging it and “making things up” every day…

  • You wind up exhausted.
  • And y​our students wind up confused

BUT – that doesn’t mean that your business should become routine.

There’s plenty of room to stir things up within the normal day-to-day grind.

​​And when you do, it keeps things fun, fresh, and more enjoyable for your staff AND your students.

So what can you do to stir things up in your business?

That’s exactly what we talk about in this episode of the TeacherZone podcast.

Give it a listen, then get to work stirring things up! ​

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0:00:09.8 Tyler Marolf: Welcome to the next episode of the Teacher Zone with Chris and Tyler. I’m Tyler Marolf, I’m here with my co-host, Chris Bates. And today, we are going over the “stir it up” quadrant. “Stir it up”. What does that mean? Well, making things fresh in your lesson business without reinventing all of your systems. Right, Chris? 

0:00:37.1 Chris Bates: Totally, yeah. Tyler you and I have done so many talks on systems, and formula and system is so important to success of your business, you have got to formalize things, you’ve got to get systems. Why? Well, number one, because you deserve it. Your stress level. [chuckle] Your staff deserve it. Your wife and family deserves it. Or spouse.

0:01:00.0 TM: Great.

0:01:03.1 CB: The other reason is because humans actually really love formulas, we love the comfort of knowing what’s happening. And the problem about Tyler and I talking about systems all the time is that it doesn’t talk about some of the other aspects that is gonna give you a really successful business, and this would be one of them. Right, Tyler? It’s not all just systems, it’s also throwing some spice in the stew. You know? 

0:01:32.9 TM: Right. But they’re like you say, whether you’re writing a song or giving a speech, there’s patterns and equations that work really, really well, that make the listeners or the customer, or the student or the families feel comfortable. They feel comfortable when they recognize that there’s a pattern. And you’ve got a great analogy, what happens when the patterns just vanilla forever. Tell them that analogy quick, like when it’s the same all the time with that lab experiment.

0:02:11.0 CB: So a good analogy is Marvel. So by the way, what made Tyler and I think about this is that we were discussing a book that, there’s a new book that we’re into called Decoding Greatness, and it’s by Ron Friedman. Decoding Greatness, by Ron Friedman. I went to an event where he spoke and I called Tyler immediately, and I’m like, “Dude, this guy just so hit hit it on the head.”

0:02:38.4 CB: What he’s basically saying is that everything is formula. That you don’t copy, but you learn. And so in learning from all the best of the best of the best, you then are able to create your own. So a good example with Marvel. The anecdote is Stan Lee was really bored of just making stupid run of the mill formulaic hero comics. They’re pretty much like the Greek a little bit, where basically you have a hero that’s perfect.

0:03:09.8 CB: And so with the hero being perfect, Stanley just thought it was boring, so he chose to go ahead and mix it up and he took a chance, and he could have got fired from Marvel, but he took a chance and wrote one where the heroes actually had little human traits and personalities and flaws.

0:03:30.4 CB: Yeah, because really a superhero tale, as we’ve talked about in the Hero’s Journey, is really talking about your internal struggle between your own challenges. It’s not about you being perfect as a hero, it’s about you overcoming your challenges, and day after day, re-affirming what it is you’re trying to seek towards. That’s the hero’s journey.

0:03:50.0 CB: So the analogy is that if we all think about those movies, think about all the blockbuster movies, and think about the ones that hit time after time, like Star Wars and Marvel and ones like that. Why do they hit time after time? Because if they keep doing the same formula it would get boring, and humans can see through that and we wouldn’t keep going.

0:04:14.9 CB: But if you noticed, Marvel and now Star Wars are doing something really interesting, and Disney’s so good at this. They have different directors. So they’ll have a project that’s like a five… I don’t know if it’s three to five picture project, and that project will have a certain viewpoint from a certain team, but then they’ll change the team on the next one. So the…

0:04:40.4 TM: Or one character comes in and helps one of the teams we love, and all of a sudden there’s one person different in the new movie, and it’s like, “Oh, I gotta know what… What are they gonna do? This is crazy.”

0:04:52.2 CB: Totally, totally.

0:04:55.6 TM: They can mix it up, they’re stirring it up.

0:04:56.8 CB: They’re stirring it up. So the whole thing that we wanna talk about today is that creativity, for those of you that have smaller businesses, ’cause if you have a bigger business, you’re already doing some of these things. If you have a smaller business, the challenge with smaller businesses, we all do it, we think we need to reinvent everything. So what we end up doing is thinking, “I’m gonna be so creative. And everyone’s gonna love it. It’s gonna be really different.” And you think that’s your differentiator.

0:05:19.5 CB: What you don’t realize is that your customers actually crave consistency, and in The E-Myth, by Michael Gerber, he talks about this greatly. He says, “All small solopreneurs are really flaky.” Some days you show up and things are really cool, like think hairdresser, some days you show up and you get a cup of coffee and the hairdresser’s really amazing. The other days, the hairdresser’s really not into it, and you show up and they’re grumpy and it’s not the same experience. ‘Cause they don’t have a formula necessarily.

0:05:45.6 CB: And so what he’s talking about is that the better companies have formulas and then mix it with stirring it up creatively. So you take the formula and then you stir the top level, but you keep the base of your business solid. So that’s what we’re talking about today, is what are the ways that we can stir it up amongst all the amazing systems Tyler and I are always talking about? 

0:06:07.1 CB: Let’s face it, you gotta have systems. What is our… For the transformation formula, Tyler. We talk about attract, convert, deliver, transform. So we already have those four things that you should have solid in your business. You should have a solid attraction team, conversion, deliver, transform.

0:06:28.0 CB: But to keep it fresh every year, to keep your customers excited, why do you think Apple changes stuff all the time, but keeps a lot of it the same? They stir it up a little bit.

0:06:43.2 TM: Good point, bringing up the building blocks of success, which is that transformation formula. The deliver and the transform, the deliver part is what we’re gonna dive into. So this quadrant, the “stir it up” quadrant lives in there. So we’re gonna go… There’s four things we’re gonna go over today. It’s the quadrant, right? The “stir it up” quadrant, we’re gonna go over some social aspects of your program. Then we’re gonna…

0:07:09.4 CB: Yeah, so number one, social. And social can include your brand.

0:07:13.5 TM: Right. Then number two is the spirit of rotation. You’ve got some pretty talented staff on your rosters, and I wonder if there was a way, and I know there is, to have those teachers meet different students that they’re not used to being with, and vice versa. So if we can mix that up, interesting things can happen. So that’s number two. Number three…

0:07:38.2 CB: Or even mixing up the roster.

0:07:40.3 TM: Right. So number three is pride in progress. So some measurements, some exciting things we can put into place, we’ll get into that, of having the students take pride in the fact they’re moving the needle, they are succeeding, and there’s different ways to go about that. And then lastly, once-in-a-lifetime moments.

0:08:03.4 TM: Every lesson business has the ability to create once-in-a-lifetime moments at least a couple of times a year per student, otherwise, we wouldn’t be sharing these amazing things we wanted to teach with our businesses. They’re there, and if they’re not happening, we just need to help you unlock it today. That’s it. Right, Chris? 

0:08:24.3 CB: 100%. So stir it up. Here we go, baby. So let’s get into number one. Number one is social. So the first way you can stir up your business is to really work on the community part. So Tyler could be as simple as a pizza party. It doesn’t have to be a big deal. Social could be things like merch. Do you have fun merch and swag? 

0:08:50.4 CB: Nowadays, you could find drop shippers, so don’t have to spend a lot of money on it, you can actually do orders, drop shipping just per the order. But the bottom line is that, are you creating sort of this element where you’re stirring it up and letting your customers meet one another and creating a community. So Tyler, talk about social, some of the things we’ve done.

0:09:14.5 TM: Social, for instance, at our Performance Academy in our lesson business, we have social things in place. It’s a system, the system we already talked about. But the stir it up part, we still have to get creative with. Even though we’ve got social running through, there’s kids that are very social with the same group of 12 kids, and there’s four groups of 12 of one level and four more of another level four groups of 12, and especially through a pandemic, they were just with their pods.

0:09:43.5 TM: But we have all these amazing people that aren’t meeting each other, so what can we do? Is there some magic out there waiting to happen? Which by the way, news flash, equals and creates retention. So that’s a no-brainer, this is all retention stuff. So what could we do? Well, in the past, we grabbed the teens and took ’em to Knott’s Scary Farm on Halloween.

0:10:04.8 TM: A, it’s a team-building adventure because people are literally acting like they’re gonna kill you the whole time you’re at an amusement park, and so you’ve got a bond together and run and scream and tell the person who’s super scared to not worry, protect them from the next thing.

0:10:22.1 CB: So for those of you who don’t know Tyler, just to say Tyler has the ability to make himself eight years old again when he’s with these kids and have so much fun, it’s absolutely… He attracts all the students to wanna go do these fun elements. So do you have someone in your business…

0:10:41.2 TM: It’s an empathy pool that never stopped filling up and there was never a leak. I can remember back all the way to preschool, Mt. Olive Preschool in Los Angeles when I was four. I have memories of day-to-day things. So the memory thing that I got from my dad, my brother has it too, it allowed me to access that as a superpower. I can remember the troubles and tragedies of 13 years old. I can remember 7th grade and 3rd grade. And so if you can access that, or you’ve got someone on your team…

0:11:15.5 CB: Yeah, that’s what I was gonna say, ’cause if you can’t, no big deal. Get a camp counselor like Tyler That is the fun… Who’s the most fun on your team? They should be the ones hosting the event.

0:11:28.7 TM: They should be in the [0:11:28.8] ____ to go. Two tickets for two directors to go and then everybody else pays for their own. Make sure everybody’s got rides, etcetera, etcetera, and those kids become best friends and you win. So that’s one example.

0:11:42.9 CB: There is a magic to that, that is so cool, Tyler. So the social is a big one. The other thing that we’ve done socially, I know a lot of you do a lot of these things, we’re just trying to remind you to stir it up, especially coming out of this pandemic. So the other thing is doing things like movie nights, like parents night out, like barbecues.

0:12:02.1 TM: Open house jams. If you’re a music school, it’s really easy to do. If you’re more like a jujitsu or karate school, everybody likes to come in and roll around and then eat food and practice stuff. It’s kind of like an open gym, it’s the same thing. They might see people that don’t go to the class, the two nights you go to, and so on and so forth.

0:12:23.5 TM: It’s not hard. Just get ’em there, have the parking lot, a couple of tents in the parking lot with your new merch that you… This is another point. That the kids voted on. So you had four designs, everybody voted, put their ballot in the hat, and you came up and at the event, guess what’s there? The one shirt that won it all, and you didn’t even tell anybody who won, they have to show up to see, and then they get a shirt.

0:12:49.0 TM: It’s not hard, you just sew it together, a lot of it overlaps, and you can create… I mean, shoot, just the social part can create once-in-a-lifetime moments, which are actually separate from this.

0:13:00.5 CB: Totally. With the social part, yeah, we’ll move on to the next one, but for social, the last thing I wanna say is that all of you right now, as you’re writing this down, I want you to go ahead and get with your teams and start planning your next social and start planning whatever it is from a branding standpoint, because that also includes in the social of stirring it up, what’s something really fun that you could offer everybody? 

0:13:25.8 CB: Whether it’s a hat, whether it’s… Whatever fits your brand, have some fun with it. So write that down and get with your team. Tyler, what’s the next one? 

0:13:37.3 TM: Spirit of rotation. You could just call it “rotation”. There are people on your team that have different superpowers, just like the camp counselor, youth pastor power versus the… I’ll just use our school for, for example, someone that can make music theory fun, like we have a person that does that. That’s weird, but they can do it.


0:13:58.8 TM: So you find out, then you rotate the teachers. If a guitarist or whoever is studying with a certain person and somehow either at a workshop or a master class, they’re working with the other person? Man, it gets the juices flowing. There’s a freshness, it’s invigorating, it’s like, “Wow, he has a completely different dimension and portal to the same thing I’m studying than my person does.”

0:14:28.8 CB: So Tyler’s saying there’s two ways that you can stir it up with regard to the spirit of rotation. One, is you can literally have them change instructors. What we’re saying is, don’t wait until the student’s actually having issues to change the instructors. That’s not the ideal situation. The ideal situation is to have your ear to the grindstone all the time and have your staff always communicating to where they just know, “You know what? Johnny, I think would be so perfect with you, a different instructor,” whether it’s a group or a private lesson.

0:15:00.0 CB: Secondly, what Tyler saying is have them visit other group classes or other opportunities that allow them to have something that really promotes their superpower. One of the things we do is we have a recording class, and so in the recording class, we attract both people that want a record, and we also attract engineer minds that want to learn that side of things. So really transfer that to…

0:15:25.1 TM: I’ve got another one, Chris.

0:15:27.2 CB: What’s that? 

0:15:28.0 TM: Dynamic duos. So you’ve go these two famous teachers at your school that stand out maybe above everyone else, they’re the innovators, they’re the personalities. Put ’em together and have them do a workshop.

0:15:44.0 CB: Totally.

0:15:45.7 TM: All of a sudden it’s like, boom, and they’re like, “Wow.” It’s just like the characters in the Marvel movie. It’s the same thing. And it’s a team building experience for the team members as well. They get to know each other, and if everybody’s in a sound mind and attitude, it should work out amazing. If it’s not, then you get to re-think that team member and get them out of your school, if they’re not at playing with others. So anyway, all sorts of litmus tests there to play around with.

0:16:14.7 CB: Tyler, something that came to my mind on this, you guys, is your business should be so fricking stable with regard to your operational systems, that this stuff is like, this is the candy, this is the fun stuff. Stirring it up is actually should be enjoyable with you and your staff to come up with all the fun ways that you can literally really mix it up.

0:16:37.6 CB: And some of you, by the way, that are listening, I know you’re really good at this. Tyler and I aren’t trying to speak down to you, we’re just trying to keep it top of mind.

0:16:45.7 TM: Yeah, but it doesn’t matter if they’re really good at it. All of our listeners need to renew their minds with this concept. Us doing this podcast is renewing our minds, and the…

[overlapping conversation]

0:16:55.5 CB: Totally. [chuckle]

0:16:57.4 TM: Just started recording, we have three new ideas we’re gonna do. There’s a drum clinic on the horizon that we’re gonna do on a day off or there’s no rehearsals. So point is, I don’t care how good you are, how long you’ve been around, you need stimulation, of thought, creativity and ideas. Even the best people, Chris, they know how to implement the ideas.

0:17:18.9 CB: Right.

0:17:19.5 TM: The chaos folks or in between, that’s where teacherzone.com can help take 60, 70% of the friction away, so you can have some freedom. That’s a different concept. But these ideas are for everyone in there. Hopefully people in chaos hear these ideas and go, “Oh my God, I’m so inspired, get me out of chaos now so I can do these.” The people that aren’t, congratulations, go do these. You’re ready to go. So it’s for all of you.

0:17:47.2 CB: Totally. And Marvel example of stirring it up is there’s the new Batman out right now and… Or that’s actually, it’s Batman, DC.

0:18:00.1 TM: That’s DC.

0:18:00.1 CB: They’re following the same formula. They get a different director every so…

0:18:01.6 TM: You can never talk about comic books again.

0:18:03.8 CB: I know, I didn’t collect ’em.

0:18:08.7 TM: But for those of you who are huge fans, I got you.


0:18:10.7 CB: Actually though, I was thinking about the other day, I’m like, “I’m getting to where I actually think I’d be fun.” So what I was saying is that, Tyler, what has there been like 700,000 Batmans? There’s been umpteen versions, umpteen Batmans. It should be the most boring movie at this point that none of us really wanna go see. Why was I so excited to see it? 

0:18:34.1 CB: ‘Cause I know they’re stirring it up with a totally new… There’s a new character, there’s a new director, and I’m not gonna spoil it for you guys, but it’s fresh. It’s a fresh take. Now I’m excited to watch the next three or four in the project. So they did it again, they took the same formula, they took the same character, they took the same…

0:18:52.9 CB: Just like you in your business, yet they stirred it up with a new director and a new cast, and it’s amazing. So there you go. Humans like what’s comfortable, with a little bit of creativity. We don’t wanna have too much creativity. And unfortunately, that’s just true. For those of you that are artists, you know this. The more avant guard, the more no one will actually appreciate it, ’til you’re dead. [chuckle] And I know for all of us, we’re trying to feed our families and have these lesson businesses that make an impact. So Tyler, number three.

0:19:23.3 TM: Number three is pride in progress. Lesson businesses all have students trying to take your vision and mission and love of whatever it is you teach and your staff teaches, and they’re trying to enjoy it, get better at it, maybe become the best at it ever. Whatever their goal is, for fun or for pro, to be a professional, pride in progress are things you can sprinkle along the way so that the work they’re doing between private teacher and student, or group and teacher, there’s the literal increments of time that can have their progress stand out and be appreciated and be rewarding and celebrated.

0:20:10.7 CB: Some people have really distinct curriculums, which is awesome, and you’ll have actual levels and all that stuff with reward systems and all. I know with dance studios, you’ve got a lot of that and you’ve got the belt system in karate, and I know with… There’s things like Royal Conservatory of Music and things like that. You’ve got all sorts of systems.

0:20:35.5 CB: That’s part of what we mean. But we also mean that there’s, every student is very unique, so what are the other ways that you can help them sort of celebrate or cement their progress? Really sort of be like… Right? And the funny thing is you can literally come up with whatever you want.

0:20:57.1 CB: We came up with one recently called the Ambassador Badge, ’cause Teacher Zone have gamification and badges and all that. And so now, students that are showing above and beyond, they can actually get an Ambassador Badge.

0:21:12.6 TM: Right. And those badges stack too, so you can take pride in the fact that, “Wow.” And you’re not asking for the badge, it’s being noticed. So if the badge starts to stack, you wear that with pride. Not the bad pride, the good pride.


0:21:29.8 TM: The internal, “I am doing something that’s making a difference, I’m getting better at things.” Whatever you think would be really cool to have around your school, to have either the group or the individual be celebrated. And remember, when groups see others being celebrated, it inspires them. So if you can get…

0:21:53.5 CB: And that segues to contests. Contests are a great way to inspire people.

0:22:00.6 TM: Right, right. Teacher Zone made it really easy because contests usually have something to do with measurements, right? So when you’ve got a lesson business and you’re herding 200 cats, 200 to 400, sometimes 1000 cats a week, okay, perfect. What are you gonna do? Regardless of the prizes, what and how are you gonna measure? 

0:22:26.3 TM: Well, we used to have to think of things, ticket sales for concerts and things like that, and we would… The numbers would be there, but prior to Teacher Zone we didn’t really have attendance reports, we didn’t have… At our school, we had nothing. Teacher Zone really opened the metrics so we can measure certain attributes that the kids portray on a weekly basis, or daily basis with the practice timer, and that’s one of the ways that we have a pride and progress meter in place.

0:22:55.1 TM: We’ll do a 60-day contest with, last time it was two different electric guitars and a recording interface and microphone, were the three prizes, and it was based on the practice timer badges and point systems that you can sort in Teacher Zone. So all we did when it was over, and the kids can do it too, they can sort of watch where they are.

0:23:18.3 CB: We just ran a day range, yeah.

0:23:20.6 TM: Yeah. So we just put the range in, there’s a winner, first prize gets to pick whatever item they want, second gets to pick what’s left, and third gets the last item. It was awesome. So now we have really neat ways, technology helps us have an instant thermometer. The only reason we wouldn’t do it is ’cause we’re lazy and didn’t think of it, or we’re too busy. Or all of the justifications and excuses are the only reason now with technology to not have a pride and progress meter at your school.

0:23:47.0 CB: You can’t grow what you don’t measure. I don’t know who first said that, but it’s true. The more you measure, the more fun you can have with it, but celebrate the growth. So pride of progress. And the last one? 

0:24:02.6 TM: The last one is OIL moments, once-in-a-lifetime moments.

0:24:08.3 CB: OIL moments.

0:24:09.8 TM: My daughter just had one. My 7-year-old daughter who is new at sports, she’s been riding horses for a long time, so she’s got this interesting grit about her. Very interesting girl, Zella May. And she decides, she tells us, she’s been wrestling for three months and go to practice isn’t stuff, and she got whooped up on even though she fought hard at this developmental tournament. She’s seven, okay? 

0:24:33.0 TM: And after that, she’s like, “Yup, I wanna go to Iowa Pee Wee State Tournament.” She said that. And we’re like, okay first of all we’re thinking, “Okay, that’s about $600 with hotel. It’s two hours away. We gotta get somebody to watch the horses.” So that’s like what Mom and Dad thinks, but then we look back at her and go, “Really?” “Yup.”

0:24:57.0 TM: So we go, she’s still putting the moves together and she, in one of her matches, out of there were 36 kids at the 55 pound weight in her bracket, 36 55 pounders, and one of her matches, she was down five points to four in the first period, and we’re on the mat, coach is on the mat, and there’s thousands and thousands of people in this…

0:25:28.9 TM: It’s an ice hockey rink that convert into the tournament, and there’s eight mats all together and there’s wrestling going on all at once. It’s insane, wrestlers everywhere. And she gets, starts off the second period, shoots, grabs her leg, puts her down and ends up pinning her. She’s seven, she’s never pinned a person in her life. Not even in practice, kind of. Just has it, and she’s…

0:25:52.4 CB: And it wasn’t a quick pin, by the way. I saw the video. She worked her booty off and she stuck with it and she got it. She earned it.

0:26:02.5 TM: Hey, it’s only 37 seconds. I should send it to you, you can edit it to the… As a B-roll in the back of this video.


0:26:11.1 CB: Yeah, totally. So fun.

0:26:12.8 TM: But the point is open, she lost two other matches and was out. She ended up getting… She won two, lost two, and didn’t place, but maybe in the top 15, which is still amazing. But she lost a lot. She got beat up pretty good. She didn’t care. I’ve never seen her in a better mood. Even when she rides horses, which is her favorite. Something was different after that. And will be forever. That’s a once-in-a-lifetime moment.

0:26:44.0 CB: Yeah, for those of you that don’t… There’s lots of good books out there on this and lots of… Tyler and I have talked about it before, but the concept of OIL moments is that human brains, we prune everything, that’s why our memories are so unreliable. Because most of our past we prune. So the brain only does two things, right? Memory and imagination. Otherwise, it’s present.

0:27:07.8 CB: And so when it’s in memory, it’s only gonna remember things that really are impactful, so that’s where OIL moments come in. OIL moments are things like your wedding. They can be bad moments too, we all have those. But OIL moments are things that you are… “Peak moments”, is another way you can say it.

0:27:24.3 CB: So with peak moments, how can we create those and less of business like Tyler just explained? And what’s so funny, Tyler, is actually that meet that Zella went to, it mirrors the other thing we talked about, the prior progress. So it was both a once-in-a-lifetime moment and it measured her progress at the same time, so you actually killed two birds. And then if you had everyone buy shirts beforehand, now you did our social and branding one. Right? 

0:27:48.9 TM: Yeah. And that’s school pride, right? Pep rally, school pride, letter jackets. It’s not new, and you guys know this, but it’s how you disseminate the ideas. Do you just go, “Hey, shirts are out. It’s fall. Here’s the link.”? Is that what you do? No. There’s a way to release on top of two other things.

0:28:16.5 CB: Why do you think I had a Star Wars sleeping bag? [chuckle] I mean, what? 

0:28:24.0 TM: I still have my 2nd grade GI Joe Lunchbox, and I found another one in mint condition in a collector store 35 years later, and I bought that.

0:28:34.1 CB: That’s so cool. Well, I still have that sleeping bag and some of my other Star Wars stuff, and I’m thinking, “Oh, you know, since it was 150 years ago, it’s gonna be more so much.” The sleeping bag is worth like 8 bucks.


0:28:50.1 CB: I looked it up, I was like, “Aw man. I thought it might be vintage. Maybe people would want it.”

0:28:55.6 TM: That’s hilarious.

0:28:56.5 CB: Cool. So that’s the four, you guys. Stir it up. Hopefully this inspired you to maybe make a little change and just kind of stir it up. We don’t wanna change your systems, we actually wanna keep dumbing those down to formulaic. We want you only having a couple offerings at your program so you’re not like…

0:29:12.9 TM: Think of it as a module that attaches to either the calendar rotation of your year, what you already have in place, and just think of it as it just attaches to it. It’s an idea that attaches to what you… Your flow. You don’t have to interrupt or halt things. It just attaches.

0:29:35.4 CB: Well, in many ways, the stir it ups are kind of rewards in a way. It’s almost like you’re basically giving people something to constantly keep them from becoming static, from thinking your program’s just, “I’m just not into it anymore.” You know how every student’s gonna go through that. It’s inevitable, right? 

0:29:58.3 CB: But the more we can keep them involved, the longer they’ll stay, the bigger impact you’ll have. We know that everyone listening, you’re changing lives, and we love that. All of us are changing lives and bravo for that. But how can we do it a little bit better? Tyler and I are saying, go ahead and stir it up.

0:30:17.6 TM: Yup, stir it up. And guys, thank you for tuning in and if this sounds like something one of your friends or colleagues needs, please just forward it on over to them and have them subscribe, ’cause we’re gonna keep doing these modules and these quadrants, and we were coming up with formulas.

0:30:30.9 TM: Chris and I have really come into just our own understanding of how to convey this easier, and so send this out to people, we’re here to help you all, and we want you all to succeed. And again, this podcast is also brought to you with love and also by the company, teacherzone.com. That is who we are as well as a business and it funds this podcast.

0:30:55.5 TM: So anybody that needs help in redefining their systems in their school so they can get to the point to have fun, send this, teacherzone.com. There’s unbelievable little tools, a webinar they can click on, this podcast, it’s all right on the website. So give them the gift of getting out of chaos, and we’re here for them as well. But thank you all for tuning in and we’ll see you on the flip side. Thanks a lot, Chris.

0:31:21.2 CB: Thanks Tyler.

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