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Episode #3 – Growing A Music School

Building and Growing Your Music Studio with Scott Duffy

In this episode best selling author of the book Launch  Scott Duffy shares insights to help all of us build and grow our music lesson businesses.  Scott has been listed as the Top 10 keynote speakers on Entrepreneurship by Forbes™ in 2016 and Entrepreneur in 2017 and is the host of Business & Burgers show.  For more information on Scott, please visit www.scottduffy.com.

Definition of Entrepreneur from Oxford Dictionaries: Paraphrased = Early 19th century the director of a musical institution (one who undertakes an enterprise)

Listen to “Building and Growing your Music School” on Spreaker.

Tips from Scott:

  1. Don’t fall into the “once I’s”… or “once I do this, then I’ll do what I’m supposed to do now”.
  2. Business Owner “Kryptonite” = Failure to delegate
  3. Don’t get shiny ball syndrome
  4. Don’t try to use more than one hammer and one nail at a time (focus)
  5. Tell the world constantly what you do: “There are people waking up every day hoping to find YOU!”
  6. Great business leaders ask better questions than everyone else when challenges arise.
  7. Three types of Entrepreneurs
    1. Visionary
    2. Operator
    3. Sharp Shooter


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