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Episode #19 Our Big Hairy Audacious Goals For 2019

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Podcast episode #19

Happy New Year 2019!!!

Crushing 2019 together!

What are your hopes dreams and goals for this year in your lesson business?

Los Rios Rock School – Our ninth year in review… facilities and systems in place that have helped to create the highest revenue ever!!!

13 performances where OVER 250 songs were played!

Over 1000 individual instrument projects completed.

7539 one hour private lessons given

Over 400 rehearsals attended last year!

Which equates to 20338 hours of lessons and rehearsals received by the student body!!

2018 – Review for Los Rios Rock School

  • 5 coach house shows
  • Boston and Beatles HOB
  • Tall Ships
  • Halloween Show
  • 90’s Sweet Relief Musicians Fund
  • Legend of Christmas Rock

Facilities and Systems in place

  • Facilities Complete
  • Payments Automated
  • Attendance Automated
  • Payroll Automated
  • Audition Requirement Courses and Lessons
  • Communications Automated (auto reminders, chats, newsletter, podcast…etc.)

Goals for this year… (OKR’s = Objectives and Key Results)

At roughly 15% profit we really want to get in the 25% range

2019 BHAG: To be maxed out on a waitlist 10am-9pm

  • Referrals Program ($200 giveaway to students)
  • Continue with Marketing (more pointed with Middle School stuff)
  • Limited Edition Merchandise three times a year
  • Train Staff to Coach Students to Refer their friends
  • Start a Day Program (Home-School and Charter Networks)
  • More community outreach (Friday 8am Coffee Chat…etc.)

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