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Episode #16 – Are you a Teacher or a Mentor?

Change is the only constant…

The future is now…

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Teaching is a one way conversation.  Teaching is about the Teacher…Coaching and Mentoring is about the Student.

Here’s how we define it:

  • Teaching: Giving information (Info)
  • Coaching: Building Confidence and Skills (Tasks)
  • Mentoring: Modeling and Helping Achieve Goals (Relationships)


Plato 2400 years ago created the concept of curriculum.  Learning was rooted in rote memorization. We now know that the brain prunes knowledge not rooted in experiences.

Three types of wisdom:

  1. Told
  2. Deduced
  3. Experienced

Experience is the highest form of Wisdom.

How are you creating OIL moments for your students (once in a lifetime)?

*Greg Hipskind QC Rock*

Flipped Classroom – Saul Kahn “Kahn Academy”

Michigan school in 2011 went from 30% failure to 10% failure by changing to a flipped model

Flipped Model Mixed with Peer to Peer learning has the greatest effect…

Kids are sponges…their minds are much sharper than adults.  

Drew Story

Goals of Mentor: FAB Five

  1. Giving Historical Perspective
    1. Me and my mistakes and successes
    2. Music/Instrument
    3. Genre
    4. Artists
    5. The Businesses
    6. Schools…etc.
  2. Being a Great Role Model
    1. Inspiration
    2. Insight
    3. Motivation
  3. Hold Student and Yourself Accountable
    1. Are they practicing
    2. Are they moving toward their goals
    3. What habits are they developing
  4. Helping Set and Reach Goals
    1. This could be curriculum
    2. Performance
    3. Ensemble (Try outs …)
  5. Helping  build the habits to facilitate Students own learning

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