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Episode #15– Creating an Amazing Performance Program

The Big Why at Los Rios Rock School (An in depth look into a premier performance program)

At Los Rios Rock School we have built our renown Live program over the last nine years step by step.  Now we help hundreds of students play 250+ songs at over dozen professional venues per year.  For more information please visit:  www.LosRiosRockSchool.com or see live performances on our YouTube.

Listen to “Creating an Amazing Performance Program” on Spreaker.


FIRST AND FOREMOST – Our Mission, Vision and Values as a culture and school are adamant upon selecting who we will enroll at our school.  WIthout the right student/families the extraordinary results will not happen.

  • No price on website
  • Phone call with owner
  • Owner led tour designed for the student
  • Student Sent home to think about it and see if this is TRULY for them and are ready to truly invest into who they are and who we are as a school.

Private Mentorship is the core foundation

  • 1 hour a week lesson private lesson program/ High Trust Mentorship
  • Tuition, Communication, Learning and Practice through TeacherZone
  • Access to live rooms during privates with multi instrumentalist instructor – working on actually playing and experiencing what they learn across from their teacher.
  • Learning to speak the language of music with another accelerates
  • Learn to count in – song structure – Good tone – good rhythm
  • Mentorship on how to interact with other musicians
  • Mentorship on how to lead or be led in jamming environments
  • Ultimate Gear etiquette knowledge – keeping gear in tip top shape and sounding its best
  • Instructors help students prepare and execute required audition video for the desired level of performance group












Recent Promo Video From Our Shows…


Jam 100 (for beginners if needed)

  • 1 hour every saturday with RSVP available to all new students (rsvp ensures the right amount and types of instruments to work together
  • No live show – So no stress for the nervous students
  • Students already understand how to play together due to their private instruction with their teacher and live room experience
  • Curriculum/Songs are the audition material to get into our Jam 101 Live Performance Group
  • 1 to 2 LRRS directors with help of advanced Jr Counselor lead the youngsters through the sections of the songs together in one of our live rehearsal rooms or stage.
  • Kids get to meet other kids in the same boat and level and start to form friendships


Player Audition and Selection Process – Program Director

    • Audition Videos to be turned into Program and Curriculum director 30 days before the next show if you’re new or you want to move to a more advanced group
    • VIdeos Reviewed and and results sent to the family via teacherzone
    • If kids do not make it their instructor is informed and starts the mission to find out why and keep moving forward to prepare for next audition.
    • 150 students are placed into their groups.  Many stay in the same groups and some move around for different reasons.


  • TEACHERZONE groups are created by our ops manager and the CHAT is initiated before the big meeting to get the kids ideas flowing for the next production



Screen Shot 2017-03-10 at 8.06.35 AM

  • (1st 45 minutes) Players and their families gather in our Lobby/Performance Venue (around 100 or so make it on average out of the 150)
  • Owners and Staff all on stage with a microphone welcoming everyone!
  • We have the Rookies come on stage with all the LRRS staff and owners and they introduce themselves to the owners.  Their name, age, school, music teacher, and a fun fact (sometimes up to 20 rookies)
  • Then we have the veterans take the microphone and give the rookies advice.  The under 12’s first and then the over 12’s
  • Then we review the last show season (quality, attendance, flow, etc)
  • Then we talk about the theme for improvement or change for the new semester.  How can we be better?



  • (next 60 minutes) PLAYERS THEN BREAK OFF into their groups and start the song selection meeting with their directors
  • They put their songs in the mix and the director adds them to a Spotify playlist
  • They go through each song choices played through the PA speakers and start to vote on songs
  • The final verdict is a 5 song jam 101 list or a 11 song 102/advanced set list
  • QC check on the set for vocal range, music skill level, inappropriate content etc




  • Band Directors log all players into smartsheet by Song Name, Student Name, and instrument.  They may be on a few different songs and a few different instruments. Maybe even a few different groups. (such as horn sections that travel to each group)
  • Once complete the directors give the green light to the program director.
  • In all private lessons the instructor searches smartsheet by that students name and EVERY project he or she was assigned to will come up with options for notes and direct line item project updates from band director to private instructor and vice versa.
  • Charts and music are gathered or made by private instructors and assigned in TEACHERZONE
  • Students practice all required material through teacherzone at home and with their instructor in the live rooms or private offices

Jam 101, 102, Advanced, Classic Album Series, Holiday Shows, Special Invitation Shows…etc.

Jam 101  – Beginner Live Groups

Audition Requirements with full Multi-Media Video Lessons in TeacherZone

Screen Shot 2018-08-15 at 9.32.43 PM


  • 7 to 10 students per group (guitar/bass/keys/drums/vocals/back up vocals)
  • 1 hour rehearsal with a Director and Jr Counselor every Saturday (CLOSED 1st SATURDAY)
  • They pick their own 3 to 5 songs with their directors help
  • Each player plays on at least 2 of the songs especially the one they chose
  • Director QC’s the song list (no swearing, or inappropriate content, and especially making sure the players are within the songs skill level to succeed.
  • Average about 9 to 11 rehearsals
  • Perform at the BIG SHOW!  Pro show Real Venue Friday or Saturday nights



Jam 102 – Intermediate Live Groups

Audition Requirements with full Multi-Media Video Lessons in TeacherZone


Screen Shot 2018-08-15 at 9.37.56 PM


  • 15 to 20
  • students
  • 11 songs chosen by the group
  • 2 hour rehearsals Saturdays (closed 1st Saturday)
  • Two band Directors
  • 9 to 11 rehearsals
  • QC set list
  • Perform the Big Show






Advanced Live Groups  




  • 15 to 20 students
  • 11 songs chosen by the group
  • 2 hour rehearsals Saturdays (closed 1st Saturday)
  • Two band Directors
  • 9 to 11 rehearsals
  • QC set list
  • Perform the Big Show

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