Episode #12 – Creating a Lesson Business that Lasts! (Part 3) - Teacher Zone

Episode #12 – Creating a Lesson Business that Lasts! (Part 3)

RETENTION of our Roster and Staff!

Creating a Lesson Business that Lasts

Our goal is that we all continue to love what we do and have the life we’ve always dreamed of.  We essentially have the best “lifestyle” business imaginable. Most people are very jealous of us (if they only knew).Technology: Greek… “Systematic Treatment”

Listen to “Part 3 – Retention! Rosters and Staff – Creating a Business That Lasts” on Spreaker.


Retention in our studios is one of the most important aspects of keeping a thriving business and creating one that lasts!

Here is an outline of some of what was discussed:

#3 Student Systems and Retention

Book = Tribes Seth Godin (Follow His Blog)

The Top Ten Benefits of Customer Retention

  • It’s Cheaper than Acquisition. …
  • Loyal Customers are More Profitable. …
  • Your Brand Will Stand Out from the Crowd. …
  • You’ll Earn More Word of Mouth Referrals. …
  • Engaged Customers Provide More Feedback. …
  • Customers Will Explore Your Brand. …
  • Loyal Customers are More Forgiving. …
  • Customers Will Welcome Your Marketing.


Mark Canlis: 

Mark Canlis (Canlis Website): When we interview people, we ask lots of questions with 1 initial purpose, to make them feel safe.  We line them up for primary question: How will working here help you become, who you aim to become?

When you build an amazing culture, the team will police itself.  No one is too big to wash dishes… we are a team where everyone has each other’s back.

Simon Sinek – The Power of Why: “People Don’t Buy What You Do they Buy Why You do it…” TED Talk

Creating a business that last starts with a RETENTION Strategy!

Starts with buy In: Our Tour…

Student Sales Cycle Onboarding:

  • Payments (must be automated, NO exceptions)
  • Contracts (what’s expected)
  • Scheduling (who is their mentor…and when)

Current Students and Retention:

  • Automated Payments
  • Communications (Constant Contact, TZ Chat, TZ Reminders, Social Media)
    • Broad What’s Going On
    • Fun – Event Based
    • Automated Reminders (lessons, classes, practice, assignments)
    • Social/Friends/Connections with other students
  • Fun but mature (we treat children as musicians NOT kids)
  • Scheduling and Attendance
  • Cancellations and Make-ups

What is your why?  What is the goal they are working toward?

  • Learning
  • Practice
  • Show Cycle
  • Tryouts (Live Program and Classic Albums)
  • Accreditation and night classe,
  • Play at Schools and Festivals
  • Large Venue Shows
  • TZ Lesson/Practice Reminders
  • TZ Chat

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