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Episode #11 – Creating a Lesson Business that Lasts! (Part 2)

Marketing and Sales Strategies for our Studios

Creating a Lesson Business that Lasts

Our goal is that we all continue to love what we do and have the life we’ve always dreamed of.  We essentially have the best “lifestyle” business imaginable. Most people are very jealous of us (if they only knew).Technology: Greek… “Systematic Treatment”

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This is a giant topic…

Here are some things we do or should be doing at our school…

guer·ril·la mar·ket·ing


innovative, unconventional, and low-cost marketing techniques aimed at obtaining maximum exposure for a product.

  • Facebook, YouTube and Insta organic posts
  • Show Flyers / Playbills
  • LRRS Stickers (on cars all over town)
  • Shirts and Hats
  • Community Events (Tall Ships, Rebel Offroad)
  • Middle School / High School Events
  • OIL Events (Once in a Lifetime)   J
    • USS Iowa, Strange 80’s, Van Halen
    • JACK DOUGLAS Aerosmith
  • Testimonials (FB/Google)
  • Testimonial Video Edits with Students


  • Constant Contact (Newsletter, Show Info)
  • Ad Channels
    • Facebook/Instagram
    • Google (SEO/Adwords)
    • Retargeting
    • Yelp/Frontdoor/Patch
    • Print Advertising
    • Local School Ads
    • Clinics / Open Jams
    • Kids telling friends
  • Website/Landing Page
    • Pics and Info about program
    • Webform
    • Contact Information
    • YouTube and Social Media


  • Crm
  • Tours
  • Follow up
  • Onboarding
  • Zapier

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